Tips to slay fashion for plus size

  • Look for clothing that shape your body to emphasize your assets and hide your imperfections
  • Do not be afraid to embrace fashion trends and styles ( go crazy but still look cute)
  • Wear clothing that float on your body, those baggy (for winter) and tight clothing that are well made and provide comfort instead of too oversized clothing that do nothing for your figure
  • BE HAPPY about your size and do not worry yourself about losing weight first in order to look good i mean having a great style has nothing to do with your weight so enjoy your body for as long as you can!!
  • Do not always wear one or two plain boring colours just because you like them and feel comfortable with those colours on your body NO!!. Go crazy with different colours and prints and flaunt that body to be envied and admired all because you look amazingly beautiful and happy

Mens winter wear

Wondering on what to wear during the winter season?, well men’s winter fashion is totally simple but remember to keep warm, it is easy to just get an oversized jacket and wear it around for the rest of the season and you do not have to sacrifice style. Everyone’s idea of winter weather is different and that the climate varies

There are different winter outfit fabrics from cotton, flannel, wool, leather etc. A peacoat has that formal street style aspect and has also been transformed into a modern fashion staple, sweaters are a large contributor to your winter looks and there is really nothing wrong with that, they are clean, effortless garments that are warm and cozy so what’s not to love?


Streetwear has changed the fashion industry

Streetwear used to be looked down upon patronizing just a few decades ago. It was considered to be fine for teenagers who liked to rebel and believed to have roots in hip-hop and has a cultural significance

”African american and latin americans used to wear streetwear of their culture and background”. This style of fashion has slowly gained acceptance in the fashion industry and is embraced in all countries, and big brands have given streetwear a space in the industry. I am really excited for the future in the fashion industry

Electronic Fashion

Abstract: ” the mission of international fashion machines is to bridge the gap between the world of emerging technologies, fashion and consumer electronics”.

Taking electronics, putting them into one piece of clothing and designers today use 3-D tools with electronics to make high fashion ”haute couture”, i have been seeing more and more electronics working into their way into fashion. A lot of designers grew from a simple idea to a worldwide phenomenon they add circuits to their projects ”a system meant to open the door to fashion tech for people who previously would have found in too complex.

How to stay warm and stylish

Outfit to try out this winter #streetfashion

  1. a simple poloneck and a vintage denim skirt( any colour preference)
  2. you do not really have to wear oversized clothing just to stay warm
  3. wear tights to keep the legs warm but they are not ideal if you have thigh boots
  4. and a nice coat to top the outfit
  5. sneakers or heels to bring out that classy thang!!!!
  6. and a sling bag, it is not necessary to carry a big handbag
My outfit choice for the day


Different shoes to try with street wear outfits or it could not even be street wear but any outfit. These shoes are so dramatic and interesting like you can never know what to expect with street wear fashion, i am always getting more and more surprises with different street wear ideas and it is not only about oversized outfits, that is one of the things i have learnt and seen with street style. I just love learning more about it and writing about it as it is a very interesting concept and how it came to exist and how it is trending today… I did not know that this kind of fashion exist till this year and it is just amazing how people embrace it… So inspiring


Dr Martens hmmmm… These shoes are just doing the most in street wear, they go along with any outfit and that is just amazing. i myself wish i own these pair of shoes. These shoes are trending today, bringing vintage back in stores and to the so modern world. Street wear is such an interesting style and i love writing and trying out new ideas and browsing the internet on paris, china and japan and all these countries’ fashion because i think this kind of fashion came from different worlds and now the world is evolving to new styles and creativeness, i mean who knows what we are going to see in years to come with fashion


A lot of my friends keep asking me what street style is, and they think it is just being too overdressed or just too much and untidy at times and that is exactly not the point. In my own opinion, street style is just being creative with clothes, taking any clothing item and just be too dramatic and ”artistic” about it, it is an attention seeking kind of fashion or style when wearing it in public like it wants people to see it and only it/stands out in public, rather then everyday style. i got hooked on street style because of Braamfontein and my sister, I am from a college in Braam, a place where street style dominates the streets so i got really interested in the style and tried it out and now i am spreading the word ”street style” hence creating this blog, there are lots of thrift stores around Braam selling that kind of style, and now my wardrobe has changed from basic to street style and i can tell you guys it is amazing and i feel good i tell you guys

What do y’all think about this idea Gents?

Men’s streetstyle fashion

I also feature men’s street-style ideas on my blog not just women, i just want to incorporate both genders and i feel like mens style gives more understanding of what street style is compared to women so i got this outfit idea @pinterest. This is a piece that stands out in the public, it is vibrant and unique compared to basic style that everybody is used to seeing on the streets. Plus this winter the denim jacket adds to the outfit to keep warm but still look good and the sneakers are just so unusual yet interesting and gives the outfit more of that street style aspect. This outfit is so inspiring so that is why I chose to write about it

Now that is style!!

A day out with my best friend

last one for the night featuring myself rocking Street style with some class, i love shopping @factorie clothing store and i got my vintage denim jeans at a thrift store, very affordable outfit and nice, i avoided wearing heels because i just cannot walk with them and i love my SNEAKERS so i rocked my outfit with some Nike air force1 sneakers and i still looked good and felt good. This is just a perfect street wear idea with some sophistication. i recommend you to try it

last one for the night 😘
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